Thor: The Dark World Trailer Has Natalie Portman & Chris Hemsworth Making Out

You know, those Marvel/Avengers movies are simply delicious. The overwhelming odds, the incredible (and incredibly expensive) action sequences, the spot-on casting, and those impeccable one-liners (Shawarma, anyone?). Yes, it is the cinematic equivalent of cotton candy, but it's hard not to love cotton candy — especially when it includes some of our favorite actors and actresses dressing up as superheroes and selling us on their magic hammers and windswept hair.
Thor: The Dark World has Nat Po back as the human who has caught the eye of Chris Hemsworth's very hunky Thor, and the best part is: They are smooching. Also, lurking in the background is the incredibly enticing Tom Hiddleston as Thor's adopted brother Loki, who is definitely up to no good — but that doesn't stop him from being entertainingly sulky. Somewhere, there is a floating voice of Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Kat Dennings stands around looking confused, and Natalie Portman ends up going to Asgarde. We are guessing Thor triumphs in the end, but according to the whispy V.O. and intense soundtrack, the whole thing seems very exciting.

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