When A Mani Is More Than Just A Mani

Let's face it: we women are colorful creatures — and yes, it's possible for us to change moods at the drop of a hat (even, ahem, multiple times in a day). We're multifaceted, we're multitaskers, and we refuse to fit one mold. One of our favorite ways to subtly express whatever mood we're feeling on a given day? Why, with our nails, of course.
The nail polish world has come a long way from an era when women were essentially able to choose from three nail polish colors: pink, red, and coral. Today, women from all walks of life are as likely to sport a simple, perfect-for-their-skin-tone nude as they are to rock metallic, snakeskin-textured talons. And why shouldn't we? Unlike the latest It bag, even the priciest polish won't run you over 40 bucks a pop, meaning that it's possible for most women to own an entire nail polish wardrobe — and change things up accordingly.
That being said, many of us have one nail category that we're drawn to most often — whether that be chic, inky dark shades or the latest shade of vibrant cherry red. And, according to nail pros Ji Baek, founder of Rescue Beauty Lounge and CND Education Manager Roxanne Valinoti, your go-to nail look can say a few things about your personality. While by no means prescriptive, Baek and Valinoti shared their thoughts with us on the different nail looks out there (and the women who love them) — did they get it right with your favorite look?

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