Your Happiest Age Is SO Much Later Than You Think

First they said that beauty came with age — and now we’re being told that happiness does, too. Coming as a shining beacon of hope for our later years, research tells us that at 85, we’ll be the happiest we’ve ever been. So, roll on, zimmer frames and dentures!
A U.S. Gallup telephone survery, polling 340,000 people, found that despite happiness decreasing with age until 50 (explaining your midweek blues and grouchy morning mood), from that half-century point onwards it’s back to plain sailing. Hoorah!
With this new research supporting previous similar studies, it is concluded that with age comes “mental satisfaction”— thanks to the likes of wisdom, deeper appreciation of life's smaller triumphs, and fewer remaining aspirations. Yep, despite the wrinkles, the ailments, and the graying tresses, we can expect to be more content than our formerly carefree selves. So much for your twenties being the best years of your life — here’s to happy (and graceful) aging. (Daily Mail)
Photo: Via Daily Mail.

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