Throw Some Guac On Your Head Tonight

avo embedillustrated by Ammiel Mendoza
Ever since our recent discovery that there is maybe no such thing as "too natural" when it comes to a beauty treatment, we've been on the lookout for the next best thing to grab from our fridge and rub on ourselves. And, this summer is presenting no shortage of beauty problems in need of help from the earth. Specifically, our sad, sun-damaged hair/scalp situation. This guacamole-inspired treatment from The Beauty Department might be just what the crunchy-hippie witch doctor ordered.
With an avocado (or yogurt) base, this treatment combines argan oil, tea tree oil, and honey for a paste that looks like it'll revive the damage we've done to our locks this summer. We'll have to test it out to be sure it works, and we'll also obviously have to set some avocado aside to munch on while it sets — you know, for journalism. (The Beauty Department)
What do you think? Is your head in need of some healing from Mother Nature, too?

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