Rihanna Changed Her Hair Drastically...Again

rihanna-bodPhoto: Courtesy of Instagram / @badgalriri.
Listen, we love a good makeover here at R29. We're all about experimenting with your look, and switching it up from time to time. But, it seems our favorite hip-hop diva is taking that creed to a whole new level. A mere 15 days since her last makeover, Rihanna's up and chopped off her gray ombré.
Despite our mini bout of panic over the fact that we can barely keep up with her changing looks, the girl does look good. And we can't blame her for adopting the "short hair, don't care" mantra — she took to Instagram to live-update her transformation, and honestly seemed to be a little frustrated, too (maybe it's the nasty August weather?). Either way, RiRi is totally flaunting her new 'do the way only RiRi can, and for that we're giving her major props. (Daily Mail)

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