YouTube’s Beauty Gurus Share Their Best-Ever Advice (& It’s GOOD)

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We have to admit, it's been awhile since we trolled YouTube for beauty advice. We thought we had seen all that there was to see when it came to video beauty tutorials and product reviews, but we were mistaken. Turns out, YouTube's biggest beauty stars are pretty much a fountain of why-didn't-I-think-of-that knowledge when it comes to unexpected ways to primp.
We challenged these vloggers to provide us with their most random but effective beauty tips — read on, and let us know if you learn a thing or two.
Bethany Mota Mota has a favorite trick for customizing her base without toting a ton of products. "Mix your liquid foundation with a face moisturizer that contains SPF to create your own homemade tinted moisturizer. This will protect your skin from the sun, give great coverage, and feel a lot lighter than full-on liquid foundation." Perfect skin and more bathroom space? Done and done.

Jen Chae

Chalk this one up to major resourcefulness: Jen Chae can curl her eyelashes with a spoon. "Just place your lashes between the flat part of your thumb and the sharp edge of a spoon, and pull your lashes upward with a bit of tension — similar to curling ribbons on a present with a pair of scissors."

Allie Evans This vlogger turns to a surprising kitchen staple when she's looking to give her locks a boost. "If your hair is looking dull and you want to add some shine, soak your hair in vinegar for three to four minutes and then rinse with cold water." Take note: Your hair might temporarily smell like a salad, so make sure to follow up with a conditioner to nix any leftover odors.

Carly Cristman

To preserve (or create) beautiful curls while she sleeps, Cristman employs a sneaky trick. "I roll my hair into a headband at night so that in the morning I wake up with beautiful heatless curls." To get the look, put a stretchy elastic headband on top of your head, flower-child-style, and tuck sections of hair up and over the headband until each section is wound around the band (you'll be left with a 40's-style victory roll hairdo). Sleep on it, and release hair in the morning for super-easy curls.

Tanya Burr Take the natural route to perfect skin with Burr's bright-mug tip: "Squeeze a lemon onto a cotton pad, and apply to your face. It's a great brightening treatment." We imagine that this trick would come in especially handy when traveling — no need to pack your whole beauty arsenal when you can pick up a lemon from any grocery store.

Michelle Phan

Phan understands that the state of one's brows can make or break a beauty look — a trick that she learned from an unexpected source. "To look more serious and like you mean business, reduce the arch of your brows. A fuller arch can make you appear sweeter, but a skinny, straight arch looks more serious. I learned this from anime and manga art; the characters I had to create needed to convey the right emotion." Interesting facts to take into account at your next eyebrow shaping, no?

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