The Ginger Pride Parade Is A Thing. And We Love It

ginger-2Photo: Via Digital Spy
It's not always easy growing up a redhead (although, if you ask us, there's nothing more stunning that a gorgeous mane of shiny, flame-hued hair). But, kids can be cruel — and let's be honest, sometimes adults can, too. Which is why Canadian comedian Shawn Hitchins, seizing the opportunity to reclaim the often pejorative term "ginger," has organised the first-ever Ginger Pride Parade to be held in Edinburgh next month.
Referring to the ongoing battle against redheads as "gingerism," Hitchins has created the event, which will take place on August 10 in Edinburgh's city centre, to raise awareness of the prejudice he and his fellow redheads face every day. Hitchins says "red hair is tied to the identity of Scotland and should be cause for celebration. I made a promise that if I ever returned to the festival, I would attempt to organise an event like this." Indeed, the unofficial slogan of the event is "It Gets Redder," in light of the recent attention to bullying — and gingerism, of course.
Hitchins will perform his Ginger Nation show, which essentially mocks his ginger identity, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Fancy showing your support? Assembly for the Ginger Pride Parade will be outside the Balmoral Hotel from 11:00 a.m. And don't worry: If you're not a natural redhead, you can use a ginger wig donated by Party Mania. (Digital Spy)

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