Who Would Pay For The World’s Most Expensive iPhone Apps?

The fun thing about apps is that even though you've shelled out big bucks for your iPhone (and your data plan, and your unlimited texting, and that super-cool case you just had to have), you can still feel like you're getting tons of new upgrades for a mere dollar or two. Which has us wondering why something like the simple Barcelona vs. Madrid soccer app costs $349.99. Who in their right mind would pay that much for a game? Just a couple hundred more and you could set yourself up with an entire Adobe Creative Suite, which seems infinitely more worthy.
And yet, there's a whole host of super-pricey apps like this one out there. Some of them are equally ridiculous, like Water Globe, which lets you play with digital snow globes for the insane price of $219.99. Others make a bit more sense, like Bizjet Mobile, which lets corporate and VIP aircraft passengers use the plane's datalink to connect to the Internet. It probably doesn't need to cost that much, but at least you know this particular niche market can most likely afford it. Business Insider rounded up a bunch more, and we're having a hard time deciding which is the worst. Though if you catch your vet using number eight on this list, you should probably find your doggy a new doctor. (Business Insider)
biOPImage: Via Business Insider.

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