Separated At Birth: 9 Actors That Remind Us Of Our Fave Icons

Look, friends, nobody's saying Meryl is finished. Or that George Clooney's beard is not still the sexiest beard of all. Or, heaven forbid, that Denzel is anything but the man of our dreams. However, these venerable folks are now joined by a whole new cast of characters on the silver screen (and TV, too). We like to think these nine pairings represent not just coincidental similarities, but the constant reincarnation of a benevolent spirit throughout various generations of humanity. Okay, maybe that's pushing it, but the fact remains that as an entertainment-consuming culture, we have needs. And certain people can fulfill those needs, though they are ever-changing and dependent on a whole host of circumstances that shape the national mood. These intergenerational twins are more than just the next big thing. They're the voices that define a new era in show business!

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