Wedding, Decor, & Life Tips, Straight From This BK Entrepreneur

Life is looking pretty sweet for Lovely founder Lanie List. There’s the pimped-out Cobble Hill brownstone, a pair of doe-eyed rescue pups (Suki the Australian Shepherd and Blue the Chihuahua), her 6-month-old baby named Archer, and, of course, her in-demand boutique bridal store. (This year, there will be openings in Philly, D.C., and San Fran, as well as a swish new website).
We’d be feeling green if List wasn’t so, well, totally, disarmingly lovely. The self-confessed goofster-meets-girly-girl (who throws infamous Karaoke parties) moved from the West Village with her husband Chris in search of that elusive Manhattan commodity: space. Now she calls home a 114-year-old, six-bedroom beauty with a rose-hemmed garden. We cozied up on her backyard couch to get the inside scoop on the (bargain) interiors website she adores, nailing a regret-proof wedding dress, and her fave neighborhood food spots.
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Which local hangouts are you most likely to be spotted in?
"We start every day at Smith Canteen for the best lattes and 'everything' croissants (plus, Archer simply loves their ceiling fans!). Our most amazing dinners have been at Grocery. Everything is curated by the husband-and-wife chefs who are there every time to greet us. And if I'm feeling especially naughty, we jaunt over to Momofuku Milk Bar for birthday-cake truffles." 

Lovely dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, Badgley Mischka cuff.
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We love the look of the modern stove against the crisp kitchen.
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When you’re at home, you are mostly…
"Entertaining Archer. I love to dance and act goofy to make him laugh. I haven't turned on a TV in months when he is awake. Family time in our backyard is an all-time favorite, and I just recently upgraded his kiddy pool so I can squeeze in!"
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We'd get married in this combo, any day.
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Tell us something no one would ever guess about you.
"I'm crazy about HGTV and DIY network. Behind that high-powered executive / Brooklyn hipster front lies a Midwestern, suburban, housewife type waiting to let loose with her knitting needles."
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What’s the best bit of business advice anyone has ever given you?
"A smart lady named Cathy David once told me that when someone is talking in a meeting, don't sit there and prepare what you are going to say. Really LISTEN to the person talking. Seems obvious, but you'd be surprised at how many times I caught myself doing it. Her tidbit also works really well for marriage!"

Zara floral top and pants, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Sequin necklace.
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And the biggest lesson you've learnt since starting Lovely?
"Lovely has made me realize the importance of being authentic. We didn't expect such a bustling and growing business, but by being ourselves, choosing designers we love, and decorating how we would our own homes, we've been able to build a brand that feels unique and special. Someone once told me that the brand name 'Lovely' was too generic and we wouldn't be able to really own the term. But I said if 'Target' could claim that word, we could be Lovely. We are on our way there."
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Any wise words on how to juggle the whole mom and fashion-exec personas?
"Take loads of time to find a great nanny. I love my job, and love to work, but of course, love my son so much more. The only way I can justify going to work every day is by having a loving caretaker for my son who I trust wholeheartedly. She also cares about my feelings about being away from Archer, and sends me pictures and videos every day, and texts me all the time to fill me in on tidbits. It makes a world of difference." 
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Which beauty products are you most likely to be found raving about?
"I don't walk out of the house without BB Cream. Covers everything! Added bonus? SPF."
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Which bridal trend are you most crushing over for 2014?
"Like many brides, I'm obsessed with the Gatsby trend: beading, sequins, hair jewelry...It's all so glamorous."

Lovely dress, Alexis Bittar necklace.
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The three labels are you most likely to be wearing are…
"Rebecca Taylor, Nili Lotan, and anything from Lovely."
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Children's books just make a house feel like home...a happier home!
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Describe your approach to decking out your new home
"I'm a girly-girl at heart so I was thrilled when my husband hopped on board with my design vision for our brownstone and even agreed to the pink couch. I've been leaning toward glamour. I like to add a vintage twist and also a bit of an organic element; my latest kick is agates and geodes."
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Let us in on your tried-and-tested tips for choosing an awesome wedding dress.
"Work with your body type. The best dress for you is the one that makes you look banging. Don't get too trendy. A touch of a current trend is nice, but you don't want to look like you're in costume. Be comfortable. There is nothing worse than spending a whole day pulling up a dress or dragging a heavy train. The pictures will reflect how you feel in your dress."
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What’s your favorite part of the house?
"I love our top floor, which has two huge skylights and a big landing that we've made into a play area for Archer. Even in the dead of winter, it feels sunny and warm up there, and with all of the brightly colored toys, it just warms my heart."  
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Sailor's dreams!
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So, why the move to Brooklyn, and do you ever yearn for your old digs in the West Village?
"Basically SPACE! We went from a loft one-bedroom to a brownstone, so our quality of life has changed completely. I no longer have to ask my husband if he can 'type less loudly' on his computer. I miss the West Side Highway parks, Mexicana Mama (please open in Brooklyn), and better access to the subways."  

Nieves Lavi dress, custom necklace from Lanie's husband; On Archer: Baby Gap.
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Let's let out a collective: awww!
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What's your priciest apartment splurge and also the cheap and cheerful purchase that you adore?
"The priciest is the industrial-style Lindsay Adelman chandelier in our parlor sitting room. It's such a monster in the room but it sets the tone from the minute you step in the door. The cheapie fave would have to be all the wonderful finishing touches I've been buying from One Kings Lane. I had to restrict myself to only reading their weekend emails because it was getting out of control." 
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Archer says: "Y'all come back now!

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