Zosia Mamet Wants To Be Annie Hall When She Grows Up


While Monday's premiere of
Blue Jasmine
mainly consisted of us ooh-ing and aah-ing over Cate Blanchett's gorgeous Balenciaga gown, we did find time to pay due respect to attending guest and much-beloved style star, Zosia Mamet. Her getup caught our eye for its quirky mix of Lolita-esque textured florals, geometric earrings, and all kinds of perfect accessories, but it was her sunshine-y personality that kept us talking (and holding up the step-and-repeat). Considering she's part of what's arguably the modern-day, Woody-like vision of Manhattan, we had to catch up with the actress on Girls, cinema legacies, and of course, wardrobe drama.

Woody Allen is arguably one of the most legendary New Yorkers — do you think he has any influence on a show like Girls, since it uses the city so much in its storyline? ”I don’t know if you could argue that he directly influences it, but since he is such a quintessential New York figure and the way he made New York a character in all of his films is closely related to our show. His work captures a generation, and has certainly influenced Lena [Dunham] in many ways we don’t even know. His dark, satirical humor is an incredible influence to not just Lena, but all young film makers today. He’s this inescapable influence when it comes to cinema and storytelling.”
Are you a big fan of his? “Very much so.”
What would you say is your favorite film? “Oh, I don’t know. One sign of a fantastic filmmaker is that all of their films capture the director’s essence, but are exceptionally different. I don’t know if I can pick. I would love to be Annie Hall when I grow up, and dress like her forever. If I had to pick, it’d be that.”
What’s the last good movie you saw? “I saw The Way, Way Back — which was so much fun. Allison Janney is a star. She’s amazing.”
What about your least favorite movie? “I was forced to watch Children of The Corn at a very young age in a very scary setting, and it deeply upset me.”
Have you ever walked out of a film? “Yes, I have, but I’m not going to tell you which one.”
What’s one TV show you can’t turn off? “I don’t have a TV, so I watch all my TV on the inter-web, and there's too many to choose.”
What about music? Is there a song you’re loving right now? “I just covered ‘Blurred Lines’ with my band, which was very fun. It was my boyfriend’s idea. I’ve been listening to that on repeat for a while."
You have amazing style. Is it hard to wear Shoshanna’s clothes on set? “It is! I feel incredibly uncomfortable all the time.”
What’s your go-to beauty product? “Red lipstick.”

Photo: Gregory Pace/BEImages

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