A Starstruck Jennifer Lawrence Interviewed Jeff Bridges

File this under "Reasons Why Jennifer Lawrence Is Totally Awesome." While doing the regular ol' step-and-repeat at last weekend's Comic Con, she spotted Jeff Bridges and went completely fangirl (not that we blame her!). Now, most stars tend to keep it cool, calm, and collected at these kinds of things — they nod, wave, hug, and try to make a smile look natural for ten straight minutes. But c'mon, you know they get starstruck every now and again.
As usual, when that happened to J. Lawr, she kept it real. So real, in fact, that she completely crashed Bridges' interview, stole the mic, and asked the man one simple question: "What's your favorite movie you've ever done?" Bridges doesn't really answer, but by the looks of it, Lawrence doesn't care — she's merely basking in The Dude's aura. Her breathless sigh of "okay" at the end is everything. She did it, she spoke to Jeff Bridges, and found out firsthand that he still abides, big time. And we commend her for that. Skip to 2:30 to see our girl in all her speechless glory — this is almost as good as that Met Gala photobomb! (Business Insider)

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