Beyoncé Handles A Concert Hair Malfunction Like A Pro

We're pretty sure we didn't need any more evidence that Beyoncé is a total pro, but she just gave us some. Turns out, while performing "Halo" during last night's concert in Montreal, the singer suffered a near-disastrous event — her hair got caught in one of the stage's high-powered fans. But, ever the consummate professional, instead of reacting the normal way (sheer panic), Bey just kept on performing like it ain't no thang. Luckily, one of the nearby security guards stepped in to rescue her locks from the grips of death breeze.
And, the best part of the whole scenario? Mrs. Hova took it all in stride, posting an Insta-vid of the mishap, and even re-writing the lyrics to "Halo" to fit the situation ("I felt my hair was yankin', from the fan that's always hatin'). So, in case you were keeping track, that makes Bey a singer, dancer, actress, and comedian.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram.


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