Miranda Kerr Goes Hippie On Us With Her “Love And Positivity”-Filled Beauty Line

Bet you never realized that supermodel extraordinaire (and Orlando Bloom's baby mama) Miranda Kerr is actually a green goddess at heart. Today on Into The Gloss, Kerr chats about her beauty routine — and the results are actually pretty surprising. Kerr confesses that while she only recently launched her all-natural beauty line, Kora Organics, her drop-dead gorgeous good looks are the result of a lifetime of good habits — and plant-based beauty concoctions.
Growing up in Australia, Kerr became accustomed to drinking exotic juices (and using them on her skin) to treat everything from low energy to sunburns — a philsophy that she now uses in her beauty line. But her natural-wonder beauty routine doesn't stop there. Kerr also employs rose quartz throughout the lab that produces her beauty products — you know, to ensure that her products are not just effective, but filled with "love and positivity."
So, moral of the story: If you thought that Kerr's supernatural brand of beauty was unattainable — and the result of voodoo, some kind of Tahitian miracle juice, and special alkalized water — yep, you would be right. But do we still want to try her skin care products to see if we can cop a smidgen of her always-perfect skin? You betcha. (Into The Gloss)

Photo: via Into The Gloss

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