Liam Gallagher Just Lived Up To The Rock-'N'-Roll Cliche —Yet Again

Eesh. Another day, another paternity scandal — and a pretty high profile one at that. A few days back it was all gossip and hearsay, with the news that an American journo was to unveil the British rock ’n’ roll father of her seven-month-old daughter; the love child of their affair. Well, it’s just been revealed that said Daddy is none other than Oasis frontman, (and married-with-three-children), Liam Gallagher. Naughty.
Following a meeting in 2010 for an article, which allegedly escalated into a relationship, New York Times journalist, Liza Ghorbani is now suing Gallagher for a mighty $3 million in paternity costs— and claims she has a DNA test to prove it. What’s more, a source reports the singer acknowledged the child as his own in an email, saying she was beautiful because she has "rock star genes." Married to ex-All Saints singer, Nicole Appleton since 2008, Liam is sure to have quite the dinner table convo this evening.
Famed for his frosty attitude, Gallagher appeared completely unfazed by the accusations of his private life, continuing to go about his own business at a music festival in Ibiza. Now, we’re not speculating, but given this wouldn’t be his first offspring as the result of an affair, our fingers can’t help but wag. (Daily Mail)
Photo: Via Daily Mail

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