Hey Internet, Mary-Louise Parker Isn’t Quitting Acting (Yay!)

Mary-Louise Parker has some big news. No, she isn't quitting acting (yet), but the Weeds and Red 2 star is moving to Brooklyn to work on a play. We got a chance to chat up the stunning actress at the Red 2 premiere, hosted by Cinema Society and Bally, and she casually dismissed rumors that quitting acting was on her imminent to-do list.
What she did confirm, however, is that the attitudes tossed at her from not-so friendly folks on the Internet can be downright hurtful, and it isn't just Hollywood that is filled with mean girls. As such, the actress has no interest in participating in social media, and hey, we don't blame her. Yet, for that whole "quitting acting" thing — well, it seems like the press is exaggerating a little bit (wait, really?), and with Red 2 and R.I.P.D, Parker isn't going anywhere yet. (Thank goodness.)

What are your plans for the summer?

“Well, my kids both have camp. I’m going to be shooting a made-for-T. movie, and then I have to get ready to do my play!”

Is your play in New York?

“It is, I’ll be moving to Brooklyn. I’m happy about it. It feels like the right time.”

Are your kids excited?

“Sometimes, my daughter is; not-so-much my son.”

You were just in an article talking about the difficulty working in the acting world because of all the attitudes. Do you think that’s just about growing up? Is there something particularly “attitude-y” about working with people in Hollywood?

“I think the onset of the internet has introduced this artillery of people who are bitter and bored at home. There’s this arsenal of complaints and criticisms they’ve stored away that gets misdirected...It’s a very mean-spirited phenomenon to me.”

Do you personally partake in social media?

“Nope! No social media, no twittering — people make fake sites, but I get them taken down.”

Do you read comic books?

“No. I always thought the comic kids were the cool kids who got high on the corner.”

Where did you hang out?

“Well, I was in the library!”

Photo: Courtesy of Patrick McMullan/The Cinema Society


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