Subway Selfies: This Couple Took 118 Pics In Every Station!

In what became an epic nine-hour journey across the whole of Manhattan, young couple James Doernberg and Kai Jordan stopped at every single subway stop in the borough for a momentary snapshot of love. Yes, the pair set something of a record out of their subway selfies, taking 130 pictures in each of Manhattan's 118 stations. The photos range from silly to romantic and the process itself was just as dramatic.
Aside from a malfunctioning photo button, Doernberg speaks to some other holdups. "One conductor was furious and told us that if we kept 'playing around on the subway,' he would leave us behind." The toughest train lines for photo shoots? The busy 4/5/6 during rush hour, the A train where the door slams shut too quickly, and the construction-plagued 1 line. Check out all the photos here, and let us know what you think: cute or crazy? A little bit of both is fine with us, too. (Gothamist)
Photo: Via Gothamist

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