Daft Punk Condoms Encourage Getting Lucky With Protection

DPD bod
We all know that Pharrell isn't talking about hitting the jackpot when he sings, "I'm up all night to get lucky" in Daft Punk's latest electric banger, "Get Lucky." The disco-ode to late-night rendezvous is getting its own condom line now, thanks to the bright minds at Durex. And why not? If you're going to sing about getting it on, you might as well use your work to encourage safety, too. We totally understand how much of a buzzkill singing about rubbers before getting lucky would be to the track, but at least Daft Punk isn't avoiding it for the sake of a solid jam.
Durex is printing the track's sunny single cover art on packages of their condoms, and Daft Punk has given the okay to use their logo, too. We common folk can't fill our "special drawers" with Daft Punk yet, as Durex is only sending them out to top DJs as a sort-of BETA test phase before they hit the shelves in England and then the States. But at least Diplo's safely getting lucky somewhere. (The Sun)

Photo: Courtesy of The Sun.

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