How To Live Like A Supermodel, Thanks To Miranda Kerr’s Fave iPhone Apps

Even though we're not trying to become supermodels (in our dreams maybe) — we can still learn a thing or two from them (hello gorgeous skin!). Take for example, Miranda Kerr: There's no denying she's tapped into some fountain of youth secrets. And lucky for us, we got an exclusive look into all of her iPhone apps, which help her with everything from clean-eating, to exercise plans, and even gardening tips. Downloading them all won't exactly turn you into a supermodel, but it just might make your sidewalk strut a little taller.

Clean Eating Recipes:
Exactly what it sounds like, this app helps you find creative ways to switch out your frozen meals for something a little healthier.


Green Kitchen:
If you've been wanting to try out the vegetarian lifestyle, check out these meat-free recipes.

A glossary of all those scary-sounding, extra-long ingredients in your favorite foods.

Heal Your Body A-Z:
For all you WebMD addicts out there (guilty!), this cures what ails you, but without all that hypochondriacal stress.

All the benefits of Nike FuelBand, for way less dough.

This is exactly what it sounds like — get ready for camera-ready legs.

Gratitude Journal:
This app promises to change your life forever...while we're not sure about that, it will help you gain some serious perspective.

ABC Vegie Guide:
An Aussie's guide to all things gardening, even if you've never so much as planted a seed.

Photo: Courtesy of Victoria's Secret

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