Watch: What Happens When Will Ferrell Meets The Lumineers

Whenever we listen to the Lumineers wax poetic about the complexities of love and desire on the intersection of Canal and Bowery, something about their "Ho Hey" anthem always sounds...well, familiar. And though we couldn't put our finger on it at the time, we can't ignore the connection that YouTube user ericwoodie has made between the hit song and this feeling of déjà vu: The exclamation "ho hey" is so obviously an echo of famed Saturday Night Live character Harry Caray.
Indeed, Will Ferrell's iconic "Hey!" and "Hot dogs!" resonate as key elements in one of his most unforgettable sketches on SNL in the '90s. And now, we're rather delighted to hear his chants transform the Lumineers from heartbroken to hysterical. Hit play and trust, all anguish will disappear...Hot dogs!
Video: Via YouTube

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