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Andy Murray’s Secret To Winning? Being A Loser (First)

Fresh from his knockout (and rather emotional) win at Wimbledon on Sunday, Andy Murray has revealed the secret to his sucess. Care to guess what his pearls of wisdom are? It's all about being a good loser. Yes, really.

After his win, Murray spoke out, revealing that it was the agonising defeat to Federer last year that he believes was the turning point of his career, giving him the drive and ambition to swing and volley extra hard for the title this year. Speaking to the BBC, he said, “Wimbledon last year was the hardest loss of my career. I was emotional afterwards and I responded really well. I don’t know why that was, I don’t know if it was a maturing process or just a release maybe, but I responded really well and as soon as I was back on the practice court I felt really good about my game and hadn’t felt like that just prior to that.” If that's the case, then boy, are we glad he lost last year. So, what's next for the Scot? “I need to try to improve and use this as a springboard to try and get better. Will I win another slam? I don’t know — I’ve just got to keep working hard, enjoy this and then get back to work.”
(The Times)

Photo: Via The Times.

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