19 Actresses We Want To Grab Beers With, And What We'd Drink

There are actresses we love to look at on the red carpet, like Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson, and then there are ladies that we just want to hang out with after all the red carpet action, like Jennifer Lawrence and Helen Mirren. Seriously, what's better than kicking back with our newfound BFF J. Lawr, ice-cold brewski in hand? In a word, nothing.
That's why we've come up with a list of 19 lady actors that we'd totally want to grab drinks with — and spoke with the extremely dashing Parker Kincaid, beer director for one of our favorite Chicago hop meccas Small Bar. The insanely well-versed beer sommelier (if beers had sommeliers, he would be one of the best) and pop culture aficionado had many, many thoughts on what sorts of beers each actress would like. Not only did he give us amazing reasons why Stone would be drinking a bourbon barrel-aged brew, but he also totally tempted our taste buds. Parker, next round is on us!
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Jennifer Lawrence

Well, this is kind of a given. Not only is Lawrence the coolest kid around town, but based on her post-Oscars interview, we know that the girl definitely knows how to celebrate.

Our pro says: "My sources tell me that she [once] drank Evil Twin Yin & Yang. Awesome. Just...awesome."

Photo: Courtesy of The Weinstein Company and Evil Twin Brewing.
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Dame Helen Mirren

There's probably more to her backstory of why she dyed her hair an awesome shade of pink than just being inspired by an America's Next Top Model contestant.

Our pro says: "I love cider. I have a feeling Helen does as well. However, I see her reaching outside the ever-popular English style for Spanish Basa Jaun."

Photo: Courtesy of Pathé Pictures International and Flatiron Wines.
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Julianne Moore

We hope Moore regales us with tales of working with Tom Ford, and modeling alongside Beyoncé.

Our pro says: "Russian River Supplication. I would fly to Santa Rosa to buy this beer. It would be hard to share, but for Julianne Moore....maybe."

Photo: Courtesy of Focus Features and Russian River Brewing Company.
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Sofia Vergara

The Modern Family star is already hilarious when she's sober, so we can only imagine how she'd act with a beer or two in her system. Actually, that might make understanding her thick Colombian accent a bit harder...

Our pro says: "Corona Light. Cause really, who cares when your drinking partner is Sofia?"

Photo: Courtesy of Levitan/Lloyd and Grupo Modelo.
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Rashida Jones

She has a super-cool, homebody, down-to-earth vibe that we want to be around. Not to mention, Ann Perkins is just too pretty for her own good.

Our pro says: "North Coast Brother Thelonious. I wanna hear some of dad's music stories."
Photo: Courtesy of DreamWorks SKG and North Coast Brewing Co.
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Emma Stone

Even though she didn't drink in Superbad, we all saw how she chugged the Old Fashioned in Crazy, Stupid, Love. It's like the girl is after our own hearts!

Our pro says: "I'm a huge nerd, so no surprise that I think Emma and I belong together. I believe she wants what I want. A bourbon barrel-aged The Bruery 4 Calling Birds."

Photo: Courtesy of Screen Gems and The Bruery.
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Mila Kunis

There's nothing we love more than knowing famous people are just like us plebes. Seeing celebs walk around sans makeup and pump their own gas is cool, but Kunis one-upped everyone with her super-awkward, but totally awesome BBC interview.

Our pro says: "Timmerman's Blanche Lambicus. I don't feel like Mila likes beer much. She'll love this."

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures and Timmerman's Brewery.
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Dame Maggie Smith

She may not know what a weekend is, but we have a sneaky suspicion that she knows how to throw one back. Maybe she'll even start quoting her own lines from Downton Abbey when she gets a little tipsy?

Our pro says: "This is maybe the hardest. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that she's into incredible English Cask Ale. Adnams Southwold Bitter. (Dear Maggie Smith. Please come drink this beer with me, Love Parker.)"

Photo: Courtesy of Carnival Films and Adnams Southwold.
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Kristen Bell

The new mom may not always drink, but when she does, she drinks this fruit/beer hybrid. And we hope she spills the deets on the Veronica Mars movie!

Our pro says: "Stiegl Grapefruit Radler. It's only half beer. The way she had to be half human for what she did to poor, sweet Jason Segel. I hate you, Sarah Marshall."

Photo: Courtesy of Stu Segall Productions and Stiegl.
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Meryl Streep

Selfies. That's all.

Our pro says: "Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus. Best beer ever for a first date. Hint hint."

Photo: Courtesy of Fox 2000 Pictures and Cantillon Brewery.
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Rebel Wilson

After watching her in Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect, we'd do anything to try vertical running with her.

Our pro says: "Coopers Sparkling Ale, because, Australia?"

Photo: Brownstone Productions (III) and Coopers Brewery.
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Wanda Sykes

The comedian would probably do an impromptu stand-up routine, and keep us laughing well into the night.

Our pro says: "Lagunitas A Little Sumpin' Wild. Yup."

Photo: Courtesy of New Line Cinema and Lagunitas Brewing Company.
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Aubrey Plaza

The Parks and Recreation actress is a badass on TV, but deep down, she's probably just a big ol' softie. Here's to hoping she'll bring out her inner nice girl when she's had a few.

Our pro says: "Surly CynicAle. Right??"

Photo: Courtesy of Deedle-Dee Productions and Surly Brewing Co..
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Anna Kendrick

You guys all saw what she did with the cup in Pitch Perfect, right? Kendrick probably has some more party tricks up her sleeve, we'd just need to coax them out of her.

Our pro says: "Allagash Black. Two beautiful things from Portland, Maine."

Photo: Courtesy of Mandate Pictures and Allagash Brewing Company .
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Lena Dunham

After the lightening-fast ascension to our television screens and fame, girl could definitely use a celebratory drink — even though she's alcohol-free.

Our pro says: "Six Point 3Beans. Caffeinated Stout from Brooklyn."

Photo: Courtesy of Apatow Productions and Sixpoint Brewery.
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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Actually, these two ladies are so cool that we wouldn't even need the alcohol for a grand ol' time, but ...

Our pro says: "Bayerischer Bahnof Gosator Tequila Barrel Aged. Let's get weird."

Photo: Courtesy of Relativity Media and Beership.
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Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy

Bullock is a great actress, but she needs someone else there to vibe with, and that's where McCarthy comes into play. No offense to Bullock or anything, but we'd only drink with her if McCarthy was around.

Our pro says: "Two cases of Schlitz. Case 1: Sandra falls asleep. Case 2: Melissa and I decide to go to a late-night country western bar and line dance."

Photo: Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co.

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