Tom Ford On Makeup For Men: It’s A Good Thing

Right next to Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford is the ultimate in a well-manicured man. From carefully-calculated stubble to a crisp tuxedo, he knows how to work it. And just off the tails of his newly-announced men's grooming line, the designer talked to Fashionista about why dudes should feel okay about primping and preening — plus a few tips from his own routine.
"I pay attention to my skin. I use skin-care and grooming products," Ford says. He always wears bronzer, sometimes dabs on a bit of concealer, and regularly enjoys a mud mask. And while he knows most men probably don't take as good care as he does, he has a basic quiz to determine if you're in need of some touching-up. All you need to do is look in a magnifying mirror and ask yourself: "Do you have broken capillaries? Pale or sallow skin? Dry skin?”
Though we don't think anyone with a few imperfections, much less pale skin (which we don't consider much of a problem at all), should feel obliged to start caking on the concealer, we do like Ford's inclusive approach. Makeup can be fun, and it can help you feel like your best self — and if you want to cover up your capillaries, you should be able to do so, regardless of your gender. As far as we're concerned, it's high time we abandon the stigma of male grooming as something effeminate and undesirable. (Fashionista)

Image: Via Fashionista.

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