The Ultimate Workout Playlist — Straight From A SoulCycle Trainer

We’re the first to admit that committing to a workout regimen has never been our forte. Usually, we'll launch full force and then, after a few trial runs, the momentum fizzles out. Though, things changed the second we locked our soles into a bike at the just-opened SoulCycle in Marin. The spinning craze that is sweeping the nation is not just due to the the calorie-burning workout. No — the jams pumping through the classes are a major driving force, with hits by everyone from Daft Punk to Pharrell pumping through the speakers.
If only we could listen to these amped-up workout songs all the time. Well, that’s why we tapped trainer Jenny Gaither at the new Marin SoulCycle to curate a list of rocking tunes that will keep you inspired and fit way after the pedaling stops. So, click away and get ready to take sweating to the next level — and don’t forget to book it to SoulCycle for even more pumped-up listening picks. Music to our ears!

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