R.I.P: 5 James Gandolfini Retrospectives You Need To Read

Once news broke about James Gandolfini's tragic and untimely death, the internet exploded with heartbreak and condolences. Tony Soprano's alter ego was a man admired by many not only for his portrayal of the legendary mobster (and other roles), but for his larger-than-life personality. As the dust of his passing settles, we're left with thoughtful and heartfelt remembrances from everyone from his former coworkers to journalistic admirers. We spent the day reading through all of the obituaries and eulogies, and we're highlighting our favorites here. So, read through all the wonderful memories, and raise a glass in James' honor.
"From 'The Sopranos' to 'Not Fade Away,' the Late James Gandolfini’s Finest Roles," The Daily Beast
While most of us know James Gandolfini for his role as Tony Soprano, the actor received critical acclaim for his depiction of many other characters, from flexing his comedy shops in Get Shorty to showing off his softer side in Where The Wild Things Are. Trust us when we say a scroll through this article will seriously add to your Netflix queue.
"James Gandolfini was fat and sexy," on Salon
The title here says it all: The author, Rachel Kramer Bussel, had the hots for James Gandolfini. While most pundits label the star as an "unlikely" sex symbol, Bussel was totally crazy for Gandolfini's round posterior. She looks back on the memories of her crush with humor, and takes a refreshingly different take than the rest of the internet.
"James Gandolfini: A Life In Pictures," Vulture
The old adage is true — a picture really does say 1,000 words. And, these images of Gandolfini tell a tale of a talented actor, and a jovial man who brought happiness to those around him. It's a great way to look back at his many roles, and remember that time he had the world's thickest beard.

"At His Former Home in TriBeCa, Fond Memories of James Gandolfini," The New York Times
The most touching tributes can come not from a laundry list of someone's accomplishments, but from one specific moment that represents everything that person was about. Hear from Gandolfini's neighbors and doorman about his generosity, and willingness to invite them in for heaping plates of Italian food.

"POSTSCRIPT: JAMES GANDOLFINI, 1961-2013," The New Yorker
We eat up pretty much anything David Remnick writes, and this passage is nothing less than we'd expect — it's thoughtful, artistic, and makes us feel all those warm fuzzies we're looking for when remembering someone who's passed.

Photo: Via Salon

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