That’s A Wrap! Instagram’s Live News Conference Confirms Video Feature

The next time you fire up your Instagram app, it might look like the techie wizards waved their magical wands and started moving your still photos. In reality, the photo-sharing site has just announced it's now upgrading with video (as we hinted at earlier this week!) and it’s available right this second when you download the update! Before you roll your eyes at its clear competitiveness with Vine, we’ve got the skinny on the new capturing feature that is sure to have the folks at Twitter in a tizzy.
First, shooting video on the app will be insanely easy. At the right of the photo-snapping button will be the video icon, which will take you to another screen. There, you hold down the button to shoot up to 15 seconds of footage. A clip is made every time you release your thumb, and if you don’t like your last clip, you can delete it! Once you’re settled with your masterpiece, a whopping 13 stunning new filters, made specifically for video, will be at your disposal to beautify the experience.
Like the photos, you can add in your clever captions and hashtags, and even choose whichever frame you like most to entice your friends to click. Got shaky hands? Insta thought of you, too! It’s introducing an innovative feature dubbed Cinema, which stabilizes even the wobbliest of recordings like magic.
The downside? Brands you follow are already creating commercials to target their followers, which can be easily avoided with a simple "unfollow" button if that's not your thing.
For those not fond of change, get a peace of mind knowing the app’s dashboard will look exactly the same. Videos on your feed will come with a special icon, that you can tap on to play, and the video won’t keep looping. Your videos will be accessible on the web, and is available for iOS and Android users. Head over to your app store to download the latest update now and start shouting, "Ready, set, action!"

Photo: Via Instagram

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