The Youngest HAIM Sister Talks Fake IDs & Stalking Tom Petty

Our love for Los Angeles sister-pop foursome HAIM is no secret. In fact, as we've watched these gals (and drummer, Dash Hutton) grow from SXSW upstarts to Rihanna openers, we can't help but be thinking "We told you so" in the back of our minds. Still, we're always happy to check back in the with girls to see how they are doing on their rise to global domination. To wit: Just before the band hit the stage at last weekend's Bonnaroo festival, we chatted with Alana to see how HAIM's tour was going, finally completing its debut LP, and what the band was expecting from the upcoming weekend in Manchester, Tennessee.

So, how's the tour going been going? We heard you guys played a show with Rihanna.
"It's been amazing! We did a headlining tour before we met up with Rihanna. We only did one show with Rihanna because she had to come back to the states to do a bunch of stuff. We've been in the studio for so long, we've been dying to get on the road and start playing live again. We hadn't been to Europe in a really long time — it was kind of scary. We were like oh my god, 'Are people going to remember who we are? Are they going to know the songs?' We didn't know what was going to happen. But when we got to the U.K. everyone was so nice! Screaming the lyrics to our songs back to us. Just dancing. They had so much energy."

Did you have a favorite place you hit on tour?
"London is kind of where my heart is, but I wish it got a little more sun. Just a tad bit, to make me happier. But I have kind of a love affair with London. I feel at home when I'm there."

Are you guys stoked for Bonnaroo? Have you been there before?
"I've never been to Bonnaroo before. Danielle, my middle sister, played Bonnarroo...I think she played with Jenny Lewis. Yeah, she did. She said it was like the craziest fun festival weekend. I'm picturing a weekend full of partying, that's all I can think about. I love Tennessee. It has the best food and the best vibe. I think it'll just be a big party."


Who are you especially excited to see?
"Tom Petty! When I found out I was on the same festival lineup as him it was kind of breathtaking. Like, I cried for five days when I heard. He's literally my idol. I'm obsessed with him. Hopefully he has security, because we're maybe going to stalk him for a little bit. Just a little bit."

Considering that the band has been on the road for a while, how do you relax and keep a good vibe going on the bus?
"We've never had a problem. I mean, me, Este, and Danielle have always been such good friends. Este and Danielle got me my first fake ID because they wanted to party with me. They were like, 'Okay you're 16 now; you need to come party with us.' They took me to bars and showed me things in L.A. I'm so lucky that my sisters wanted to hang out with me. I feel like I'm really stupid most of the time, and that I embarrass them, but they found it in their hearts to want to hang out with me. On tour we're always together, even when we're not playing, we're doing something else. We're inseparable. I'm not saying that to be cheesy. We love each other so much. We're obsessed with each other. Touring is a breeze for us."

What's coming up for the rest of the summer?
"Our record is pretty much done at this point. We're playing pretty much every festival we can this summer. We want to be on tour for the rest of our lives. We're playing every dream festival that we've ever wanted to play."

How does it feel having the album finally done?
"It is scary and exciting at the same time. Now that it's done, we just really want to put it out, but we have to do a bunch of stuff. It's kind of a waiting game. We have a bunch of songs on the record that we want to play live. It's insane...there was a point in the recording process where I was like 'Are we ever going to get this done.' Now that it's there, it's like I'm in the last trimester of pregnancy."

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