Kim Kardashian Gives Birth To Baby Girl In Los Angeles

UPDATE: Us Weekly confirms that a healthy baby girl has indeed been born. TMZ's hilariously Photoshopped image is an excellent indication of the media frenzy about to ensue.
We've just received news that Kim Kardashian's baby daughter has premiered early, and is reported to be on its way into the world, by way of Beverly Hills' Cedar Sinai hospital. We do not recommend Torrenting this baby, and obviously this baby will not be available on Megavideo. Def Jam's in-house leaks department is on the case, and sources suspect that the leak may have originated some nine months ago, before the public was even aware of its existence. Kanye has previously stated that he gives "no f*cks at all" about leaks, and therefore we assume that of the around 100 media professionals invited to the baby listening party in the Milk Studios birthing suite, 99% of them will be taking videos and audio.
Stay tuned for updates. (Buzzfeed)

Image: Via Buzzfeed.

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