Hipsters Who Dress Like Jackie From “Roseanne”

Is this a thing? Yes, indeed, it is a thing. It turns out that, much in the same way George Costanza predicted today's prevailing menswear trends, there is a lovely single-serving Tumblr that shows us Roseanne's Aunt Jackie did, indeed, set the template for today's hipster. And who could argue? With her colorful, paneled denim jackets, oversized, crazy quilted sweaters, smoking, bangs, and permissive sexual attitude, she could have just climbed off the L Train. Get that lady a job in reception at a design firm and a night gig waiting tables at Roberta's and the picture is complete. Don't believe us? See for yourself. It's undeniable. (Hipsters Who Dress Like Jackie From Roseanne)

Photo: Via Hipsters Who Dress Like Jackie From Roseanne

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