"Liz & Dick," Meet Your Match — Helena Bonham Carter's On The Case

Though Lindsay Lohan's performance was undoubtedly a television event we'll remember for a Lifetime (puns!), it's already the right moment for the BBC to take another shot at it, with an entrance into the illustrious field of Elizabeth Taylor made-for-TV biopics. This one, however, has us pretty excited, as it stars one Helena Bonham Carter.
Will it be directed by Tim Burton (not to be confused with Richard Burton), star Johnny Depp, and feature a sad-eyed female lead with a morbid interest in skeleton collecting? No, it will not. It will, however, star Dominic West and feature a smoky-eyed female lead with an awesome obsession with big, gorgeous hair. Here's the first photo from the upcoming movie, which comes out this fall.
You gotta admit, even just from this picture, HBC seems to know what she's doing.
Photo: Courtesy of BBC.

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