Bridget Jones Is Back & She’s Mad About The Boy — But Who?

After 14 years, Bridget Jones is back. The third installment of this seminal chick-lit series will debut October 10. First question on our lips is: What has our heroine been up to all this time? Fear not, Jones hasn’t become a "smug married" or a Zen-loving yogi. Oh no. Our girl is…well, as she always was. As the character’s creator Helen Fielding reveals, “She's still trying to give up [drinking and smoking], she's still on a diet. She's trying a bit harder, and is a bit more successful, but she's never really going to change." Phew, we're not sure we could have coped with a totally new-and-improved Bridget.
What is new though is the introduction of social media. Yup, our girl has discovered Twitter, which is proving to be just as important to her as her beloved diary. But wait, we hear you ask. Where is Mark Darcy? Well, we’re not sure. Our hearts are a little heavy to discover that the publishers Jonathan Cape are keeping mum about whether Darcy or the dastardly Daniel Cleaver will make an appearance in this tome.
Which begs the question, which boy is Jones mad about in the book's title? We’ve racked our brains and firstly we hope that Darcy is there, in some form, for Jones’s sake and our own. But, if we want to get a little meta about this, it would be pretty interesting for Hugh Grant to be the object of Jones’s affections. He has just joined Twitter after all. And what about Daniel Craig? We know he’s married but we can’t help feeling that Ms Jones might have a bit of an obsession crush with 007. Mmm…the mind boggles. Who do you think might be the object of her affections? To the comments sections with your thoughts, please. (The Telegraph)

Photo: Via The Telegraph

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