This Man Thinks He Has A Better Bottom Than Beyoncé. Pardon?

We know that former Oasis front man Liam Gallagher is prone to hyperbole and histrionics, but this takes the biscuit. In a recent interview the singer proclaims that his posterior is better than Beyoncé’s. Yes, you read that right. Better. Than. Bey’s. No way, we say, though we think Gallagher has his tongue-firmly-in-his-cheek about this point, it is an amusing thought to ponder.
Watch the video to see the singer postulate on Beyoncé’s moves (seriously, he tries to do the "Single Ladies" dance) and what it's going to be like playing at V Festival at the same time as her. We know it’s a Saturday, so you’re probably not at work, but this video is filled with swear words. Literally dozens of them. Watch on. (Digital Spy)
Photo: Courtesy of Beady Eye / Facebook

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