It’s Not Your Imagination—London Really DOES Have The Longest Commute

Here is something you didn’t know about London. Not. It’s just finally official: Londoners experience the longest commute to work, of anyone in the U.K, even though we travel the shortest distances. Seriously, not okay.
In a survey carried out by recruiting firm Randstad Financial & Professional it is revealed that while we may travel, on average, only 15 miles to work, it takes us a soul-sapping 56 minutes to get there. Oh, how we feel every single one of those 60-second interludes. The survey also revealed what us city-dwellers get up to during those deadly minutes. No, we don’t read literary masterpieces or learn a foreign language. We get busy — but not in a good way. One in every 10 commuters spends their time doing work.
We put our hands up and admit we are guilty of this practice too, but seriously, when do we switch off? When we exit the tube? When we pop into Sainsbury’s to pick up something to eat? Or, when we put our key through the front door? There needs to be a cut-off point when work ends and the rest of our life begins.
We say from now onward, it starts with the tube ride. Let's turn those 56 minutes into me-time. Read that book, listen to that album, and learn that language — it’s time to inject some fun into your road to hell journey to work. That copy of Gone Girl won’t read itself, you know. (The Evening Standard)

Photo: Via The Evening Standard


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