H.O.V.A. Has Spoken: No Bey-bay For Bey

beyonce pregnant body
Everyone, we'll need you to cease and desist the rejoicing and baby-name speculating you've been doing since you heard Beyoncé was pregnant again. After receiving a congratulatory note from Hot '97 DJ Old Man Ebro, Jay responded with a demure statement that has encapsulated the nature of journalism in the modern age: "It's not true...the news is worse than blogs."
Still sounds a little fishy, but we gotta take H.O.V.A.'s word for it. We're just a little surprised Gwyneth Paltrow wasn't delivering the news, since she and the Carters are BFFs. Oh well, no Bey-bay for Beyoncé means the Mrs. Carter World Tour can go on seamlessly, despite the still-questionable canceled tour dates — perhaps there's a shortage of titanium straws and hand-carved ice balls? (Jezebel)

Photo: Courtesy of Instgram / @beyonce.

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