This Lip Gloss Ad Is Causing Quite A Stir

Readers, please help us out. Are we perverts? Have we been watching too much porn for women? Or is this VBeauté Lip Spread ad really as, erm, provocative as it seems? Forgive us, but when we read the phrase "spread your lips," we weren't exactly picturing a big, friendly smile, if you know what we mean, nudge nudge, badum-cha.
We actually pondered the possibility that this could all be an accident — the ad looks completely prim and sweet and demure, like a fancy lady inviting you to her Upper East Side home to chat about the best way to groom your horse over a light lunch. But then we saw the names of the lippies themselves: Dare, Virgin, Vain, Original, Truth, Naked, and Vixen (we won't even get started on the issues behind categorizing a lip gloss color as virginal). On purpose or on accident, we're thinking this ad will definitely get talked about...and all press is good press, right? Or is this too much for your taste?

Photo: Courtesy of vbeauté.

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