The Six Anxieties Brought On By Social-Media Outlets

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You know it's true. More Likes, Followers, and re-Tweets give you a little self-esteem boost, whether or not we like to admit it. But as any social-media addict knows, the constant push of information can also send a person spiraling down a neurotic rabbit hole. It's gotten so bad that now, each of the six major social-media outlets, from Facebook to LinkedIn, have generated their own unique social anxieties that Merriam-Webster — or maybe the DSM — should take note of.
The fear of personal failure, for example, can rear its ugly head when a casual afternoon break scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed reveals your ex-boyfriend got engaged, your old sorority sister was promoted, and your mom commented on a party picture you thought was hidden from public view. You begin to compare yourself to others and that rarely leaves you feeling chipper. And that's just the beginning, according to New York Magazine.
Here's the complete list of six social-media outlets and their corresponding anxieties:
Pinterest — The Fear of Domestic Inadequacy
Instagram — The Fear of Missing Out
Facebook — The Fear of Personal Failure
Twitter — The Fear of Looking Dumb
LinkedIn — The Fear of Career Failure
Spotify — The Fear of Bad Taste
Consider yourself lucky if social media doesn't stimulate the neurotic Woody Allen character within you. Congratulations, actually. You've somehow managed to evolve into a new breed of the self-assured human. That, or you're actually the one living in the homes we pin, taking the instagrams we fawn over, and creating the super hip and on-trend playlists we're playing in between Jordin Sparks and Demi Lovato singles — in which case, this is all your fault. (The Cut)

Image: via Pinterest; Instagram; Facebook; Twitter.

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