Labeling GMOs Didn't Go Down In Cali — But Here's Where It Might Happen

Given the interest in GMOs, vegan diets, and natural health trends, it seems like the old saying "you are what you eat" rings truer than ever for savvy consumers today. Concern over GMOs (genetically modified organisms) wasn't enough to rock the vote in California in favor of Proposition 37, which would have instituted mandatory labeling of such foods in stores. But, will a similar bill have a better time of it in New York state?
On the West Coast, the campaign gained a lot of initial support, but seemed to falter after a giant ad campaign by biotech company Monsanto, eventually being voted down last November. In New York, though, activists are gearing up to make it so with the GMO Free NY project, aiming to get two pieces of legislation — an Assembly bill and a Senate bill — approved by June. It should be noted that these changes, while they might set a precedent for further legislation in the future, won't actually change the legality of your favorite produce and processed foods. It simply requires that these foods be labeled as GMOs. Given what happened with Mayor Bloomberg's soda ban, we know New Yorkers won't take diet-related regulation lying down. You're all informed, you know what you want, and you're prepared to vote for (or against) it.
The GMO Free NY project cites lax federal regulations as one of the reasons labeling should be mandatory. And, even with the current regulations in place, the FDA can't control what happens once a product hits shelves — but you can, with the right information. Click on over to find out why it's worth thinking about, who's involved, and what to do to help.

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