Offensive, Or Over-Reaction? Comedian's Twitter Joke Gone Wrong

There is a lot of outrage on the Internet these days (more than ever, actually). Sometimes, it's a good thing — calling out offensive and backwards attitudes or comments is an important part of actually changing those aforementioned attitudes and preventing further such comments. Sometimes, it's a bad thing — people end up getting nowhere, polarized and filled with rage, but not making any progress beyond condemnation. We're not sure which camp to categorize this one: Comedian Jim Gaffigan provoked massive outrage on social media yesterday with this Tweet:
Responses ran the gamut from "It does feel good, Jim. It feels like I have control over my finger nail [sic] condition in my life AT THE VERY LEAST!!" to "you're such an asshole." Here at R29 HQ, we're torn. Our staff is basically divided into three camps: Some of us think this is a tactless, if accidental, suggestion that what women do with their bodies is a waste of time unless a man is looking (it certainly wouldn't be the first time such things have been suggested on the Internet); others think he's actually in agreement with the offended group — he's saying that hopefully, women do this for themselves, not for men, because men couldn't care less and that's just fine; and then there's a final group arguing that regardless of what he meant by it, there are much bigger, more important battles to be fought right now regarding women's rights. What about you? Mad, glad, or neither?
Photo: Via Twitter.

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