Royal Flush: Beyoncé Mortifies Princess Eugenie In Public

We'll admit that apart from the heavy hitters like Kate, Will, and Fergie, we'd have some difficult picking the entire royal family out of a lineup. So, we suppose we can't blame Beyoncé for not realising that the lucky fan to whom she gave a small, personal performance at her Wednesday concert was Princess Eugenie herself.
In the middle of performing "Irreplacable" at last night's show at the O2, Baddie Bey took her purple, glittery jumpsuit to the floor and got real with her audience, offering them the chance to sing into her mic, subsequently offering us the opportunity to pretend we're not extremely jealous.
Except, the fans who got the up-close-and-personal serenade were Princess Eugenie and Kate Middleton's brother, James. Eugenie chose to capture the moment with her phone (Royalty, they're just like us!) while Beyoncé did her thing unaware of just how special this particular fan really was. Watch the whole thing unfold, below. (Daily Mail)
Image: Via Beyoncé Official Website; Video: Via YouTube

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