Ugly On The Inside, Hot On The Outside: Disney Villains Re-Imagined

Somewhere before the time of Disney and maybe even before The Brothers Grim, someone decided that a fairytale's villan just can't be beautiful. The bad guys are supposed to be beasts, underwater predators, green skinned, and maybe even the vision of your crazy, three-times-removed, possibly-too-young-to-be-your-grandmother grandmother (we're looking at you, Cruella de Vil). Disney has driven that concept into our brains since Snow White, but before you even begin to lose sleep wondering what some of Disney's most iconic villans would look like if they had the princess' conventional (though slightly boring) good looks, the internet has already answered it for you.
Some anonymous artist has given some serious makeovers to almost every villan, from Ursula, to Hades, to Captain Hook, and the Queen of Hearts. We wondered where Malificent and Snow White's Queen were at first, but then we remembered that Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron have previously taken on those respective roles and...well, they're already gorgeous. (Unreality Magazine)

Photo: Courtesy of Unreality Magazine.

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