Girls Spoiler Alert: Is Our Fave Couple Back On?

So, Girls is on summer break and you don't know what to do with your life. Whether you loved it or hated it, at least you had something to talk about, right? Well, here, talk about this: Hannah Horvath might be back on with her beau Adam Sackler!
Lena Dunham and Adam Driver were spotted canoodling on set in Greenpoint yesterday, and boy, don't they look cute together? He's kind of crazy, and the relationship isn't exactly healthy, and yet...maybe it's just the nostalgia (for something that happened to fictional characters on TV only a few weeks back), but whatever, our hearts are almost warmed.
Whether or not they're officially back on remains to be seen, but this is at least a guaranteed episode worth watching for fans of the show. Would you be happy to see Adam back on the scene? Or was your first thought "ugh, this guy again?"
Image: Via The Daily Mail.

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