Important: Here's President Obama With Bangs

Uh-oh. We are sensing some major drama up on Capitol Hill, because Michelle just got upstaged — by her own husband, no less! The FLOTUS was visibly shocked when the president of this great nation stepped out at the White House Correspondents' dinner in a Jason Wu for Target dress stolen from her closet and, worst of all, her new, signature bangs. The critics were positively raving about the big guy's new look, but Michelle was absolutely furious. Does your man politely ask where you get your hair done, only to steal the stylist for himself? That's a dealbreaker, ladies!
Note: These pictures were obviously Photoshopped as part of a joke made by Obama himself during his speech at this weekend's event because apparently our president is a secret, Internet comedic genius/imgur user.
Photo: CSPAN via The Huffington Post.

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