5 Things To Know This AM — Apr 29 2013

Naomi Campbell swaps her dark mane for some blonde tresses and does what she does best for Vogue Brazil: Serve us a healthy dosage of fierce. (Fashion Gone Rogue)
Let's be real here — deep down you know you deserved to win all those online sweepstakes you've entered. Well, now you can show the giveaway gods who's boss! (ThousandsUnder90)
So far, only two retailers have admitted to sourcing material from the Bangladesh factory that collapsed last Wednesday. It's a small step in the right direction of reform, but there are still miles to go and lives to repair. (Styleite)
Karl Lagerfeld revealed that he is in fact 77 years old. Google, however, begs to differ. We'll believe it when the glasses come off. (Huffington Post)
The only person more spot-on than Jimmy Kimmel on the subject of Coachella hipsterdom is P'Trique, obviously. (The Platform)
Image: Via Fashion Gone Rogue.

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