Here's Alexander Skarsgård Singing Like A Swedish Angel. Enough Said.

Oh, Alexander Skarsgård. And we thought there wasn't anything else you could possibly do to make us love you more, but then you up and open your manly pipes for us all to enjoy. Yes, you were singing to Peter Travers to promote your new movie Disconnect (with which we were completely floored by), so we already knew you came equipped with some serious acting chops. But you sing? And you're good at it? Sigh.
We don't really know what you're saying, but that's part of the musicality of your song. Maybe you can teach us this soccer anthem so we can sing it together at the next Hammarby Fotboll game in South Stockholm that we'll be attending. That green and white scarf you mentioned? Consider it worn. Anyway, our wayward afternoon daydreams thank you. We promise to brush up on our Swedish lessons before the next time we bump into each other. God dag, dear Skarsgåd, god dag indeed. (Perez Hilton)
Video: Courtesy of ABC News.

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