Is "Fashion Designer" The Unhappiest Of Professions?

Sure, all of those guys are happier, but not so, butchers. Which basically means: Butchers don't particularly like their line of work. According to, fashion designers are a pretty unhappy lot who are saddled with rather unfortunate career paths. Those who happen to have the best jobs include software engineers, dental hygienists, and actuaries (according to Wikipedia, that's a role that helps businesses manage risk and uncertainty).
Using a set criteria that takes into consideration factors like workplace stress levels, competition, occupational hazards, and income-growth potential, CareerCast ranked 200 jobs from best to worst — with fashion designer coming in at 182 (jewellers fared better, at 141).
Of course, different work environments yield different experiences, even within the same line of work, but the real issue here was how dated the positions surveyed appeared to be. Titles like typists/word processors, disc jockeys, and lumberjacks were ranked, while we didn't see anything like graphic designer, consultant, or "just-doing-some-freelance-until-my-blog-takes-off," represented at all. In fact, the closest thing that came to what the editors at Refinery29 do is "reporter (newspaper)," which ranked (of course) in the very last spot. (Wall Street Journal)
Photo: Courtesy Wall Street Journal.

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