And The Award For Best Breasts Goes To...Wait, What?

The last thing one would expect to see on the cover, and indeed in the pages, of such a high-profile women's mag as Tatler is locker-room talk. You know, that often-casual, sometimes-derogatory way men discuss the anatomy of the women in their lives? Except, that's exactly what readers got in the May issue of Tatler, which published a feature called "Titler: Best Society Breasts," in which the editors highlight and nickname the breasts of socialites. Naturally, the magazine is facing harsh criticism that the spread is misogynistic.
The feature showcases 34 women, all of whom were selected because they've the best boobs this side of the Atlantic. So, who made the list? Helen Mirren, Lily Cole, and Alice Dellal (the current face of Chanel) were dubbed "Theatrical Tits," "Ginger Tits," and "Brazilian Tits," respectively. Princess Eugenie, who did not receive a nickname (poor pet), was also chosen.
Using the hash tag #feminism, Ex-MP Louise Mensch has taken to social media to show her disgust, saying "Yeah, thanks for that, Pratler Magazine." And Facebook is ablaze with angry readers, who have created a page called "No to Titler at Tatler."
Outrageous, we know. But how do you feel about this objectification? Do you think an apology is in order? Add your voice in the comments. (Daily Mail)
Image: Courtesy of Tatler

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