This Is Bonkers: Video Proof Of R. Kelly’s Coachella Appearance

When certain people arrived at our office yesterday and claimed of R. Kelly's surprise appearance during a Phoenix set at Coachella, we were skeptical at best, assuming that the suspect images circling the web were Photoshopped. But, we've learned that the Nile is not just a river in Egypt: This is real, people.
Brand-new video footage confirms that R. Kelly did indeed don that glittery hat and make his way to the stage over the weekend. Are you ready for this? The guy remixed the remix of "Ignition," and proceeded to remix that with "I'm A Flirt." Seriously — with Phoenix riffing in the background. Some men just wanna watch the world burn.
An act of human lunacy or mind-blowing genius? Tell us in the comments below!

Video/Photo: Courtesy of Coachella.

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