Big Spender In The Beauty Aisle? You’re Not Alone

We of all people know the feeling — you're just picking up something practical at your local drugstore, something totally necessary like Kleenex or new pens, and then you see it. The beauty department. All those lipsticks, shining brightly in their perfectly color-coded rows, just calling your name. You know you've already got more makeup than you can ever make use of, and yet, you just have to check out the latest shade. So, being quite familiar with that problem, we didn't think much in the way of beauty biz numbers could surprise us...until we saw this infographic.
MintLife has collected data from loyal beauty shoppers, and organized it into a whopping graphic packed with facts. A few things are just common sense (85% of cosmetics shoppers are female, four in five women wear makeup), but there are some real shockers on here. For example, on average, a woman spends nearly $4,000 on mascara. And the average markup on cosmetics is 78% (yikes). Also, apparently, some women even said they've spent an entire paycheck on beauty buys.
If all these extreme numbers are scaring you, don't worry — it all ends up with some tried-and-true ways to save. Check out the full version, read up, and maybe skip the lipstick counter next time you're picking up cough medicine...though, that bright red lippie might be just the thing to make you feel better, huh?

Image: Courtesy of MintLife; Photo: Courtesy of L'Oréal.

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