David Letterman Interviews LiLo — And It’s Not What You Think

When you hear Lindsay Lohan's name on TV, you generally expect one of three things: Someone taking a cheap shot at the former child star, a car accident, or rehab. This is all three, and then some. Though Lohan doesn't often come out on top in the tabloids, we have to say that this time, in an interview with David Letterman, she's definitely got the upper hand, despite being the victim of several touchy surprise questions.
There's been a bit of a change in the winds since this New York Times piece, and though Lohan is still up to her usual antics of rehab stints and brushes with the law, it's really good to see one of the most maligned people in Hollywood getting a chance to speak for herself. Despite her constant presence in the gossip rags, an actual interview is quite rare. And frankly, we admired her poise in the face of some very awkward moments, here. Plus, her dress is great — one of her best outfits in ages. Though it's clearly an orchestrated PR move and probably preparation for an image overhaul, we have to wonder: Could this be a sign of (good) things to come?

Video: Courtesy of CBS.

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