Celebrity Twitter Feeds And You: An Educational Guide

Are you a new mother wondering how to teach your child to read? Tired of the same old Goodnight Moon, or looking for something more modern that will give your kid an advantage in this increasingly digital world? BuzzFeed has the answer.
Everyone loves celebrity Twitter feeds for their great educational value, right? Obviously. But now they've been ordered into a handy guide for every reading level. Beginners can start out with Justin Bieber, whose feed is the most easily legible of 10 celeb accounts analyzed by high-tech software. When your little angel is ready to move on, try Shakira, then Rihanna, and work your way all the way up to Barack Obama, whose feed is nearly at a 7th grade level!
Though we don't actually suggest celeb Twitters as an educational tool, the point is that this graph is awesome. One big surprise? Katy Perry is Tweeting at a much more sophisticated level than you may have thought. Way to go, KP. (BuzzFeed)

Photo: Via Buzzfeed/Via NPR.

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